Schedule an email campaign allows you to schedule your campaigns for delivery at the optimum time. Email marketing campaigns can be scheduled up to 12 months in advance.

To schedule a campaign that you've already created, navigate to 'Send campaign' under the Send tab in your account. Next select the list of subscribers you want to send your email to.

You can create a group of lists to send your campaign to, or further target your subscribers using an audience.

Once you've chosen your subscribers, click 'Select email'.

On the next page you can select the campaign you're sending and schedule the send time. Below this you can select whether to exclude subscribers who have recently been contacted, from half a day to two weeks.

Choose your send speed – the options available are either as soon as possible or limited to a certain number of emails per hour. When limiting the send speed, an estimated completion time will appear. Limiting the send speed is useful if you don't want to overload your website or call center.

At the bottom of the page a final summary will be given and the number of subscribers your email will be sent to is displayed. Once you're happy with the details, click 'Schedule for delivery'. A new page will then appear clarifying that your email has been scheduled for delivery.

If you need to cancel a scheduled campaign you can do this by going to 'Campaign analysis' under the Analyse tab.

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