An introduction to Create

Create allows you to design, build and test professional email campaigns and responders. You can use the editing software to make great-looking email campaigns, or use one of the wide range of professional HTML templates.

The main page in the Create section is where you create your campaigns. Email editor requires no previous knowledge of HTML. You can simply drag-and-drop components to build the layout of your campaign, add images, links, personalisation and style your campaigns using themes, all with just a few clicks, making email design easy. 

If you’re a little more tech-savvy, you can create your emails entirely in HTML and put them in the system using the HTML input option.  

From Create you can send previews of your email campaigns to yourself and even test them in a range of inboxes without leaving the account. Then, once you’re happy with your campaign and ready to send, you can schedule the campaign using the options on this page.

Other useful links for Create:

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